Saturday, October 26, 2013

No Presupposition Without Interpretation

Now I'm thinking about the connection between presupposition and interpretation. No man can avoid those things. No man can neither deny their presupposition nor ignoring their interpretation. We are human and God created us are to be like Him. We have an ability to do interpretation and we have an undeniable presupposition.
Let me make you think.
Presupposition is a given things, yet the interpretation is a forming things. We are being given also being formed. The concept of "already and not yet" is deeply rooted in our nature. We are sinful nature, but we, the chosen people are being able to go deepen to the meaning of the salvation that is given also have to be work for (St. Paul's theology). Interpretation is a task from God to all human. We do interpret nature as science, we do interpret others as social studies. But our presupposition is extremely affecting our interpretation. Both of those things are forming each other. Who form our presupposition? Let God and just He himself can change our behavior on interpreting something. Keep the balance of interpreting either social studies or scientific method. Don't break the balance instead you break God's decree.