Monday, February 17, 2014

Second Disaster

It’s been a long time for me not to feel a disaster in my life. From these two disasters, I know that the fault is on me. I think the first disaster in my life can make me wiser than before. But in this second disaster happened to proof that: something is unchanged inside me. 

I am not growing! It’s just a matter of what inside me. 

“A man is a man when he is able to grow” and I just realize, something that struck me is not merely an incident, but it is a conscious program made by the “unchanged me”. It’s a bad thing, because I realize my condition for too late. I’m 25 already, God! Please spare me one more time. 

I know that I’m a stone-headed man. But one thing that I won’t change is “believe in true love”.

God, please enable me to close this stupidity, and open the new page of my life, now.